Mind Read was the best power in Golden Sun

Mind Read was the best power in Golden Sun

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  • Golden sun is a masterpiece, at least the first 2.

  • Back in the days without strategy guides, finding a djinn through creative use of psynergy felt so rewarding.

    At the same time, there were those djinn that you could visibly see but no matter what you tried, you could not get because you haven’t progressed enough in the game yet. Spending hours spamming psynergy on every single tile was not fun.

  • God I loved the first 2. Some of the best memories

  • The best GBA game ever!

  • I need to try that game, it looks fun.

  • Golden Sun(1 & 2) top 5 Games of all time.

  • Only thing I didn’t like about Golden Sun was how the story started. Like… They couldn’t think of a better disaster than a rock rolling down a mountain?

  • The best feeling in the world was defeating the Dullahan in Lost Age

  • GOLDEN SUN REPRESENT! What I’d do to get another one on Switch

  • Gave an updoot for referencing an amazing series

  • Golden Sun The Broken Seal my all time favorite RPG, The Lost Age also great

  • A true gem.

  • The plot twist when you get to a certain town of fire element. Loved that shit.

  • I LOVED this game! My middle school friend let me hole it and I was instantly hooked!

  • This game was awesome! So much nostalgia, I have to get it again.

  • I recently found a used gbasp and both of these games, so excited to play the authentic versions of these games for the first time! (Played them on emulators before and loved them)

  • The puzzles were so creative in these games!

  • Feminism in a nutshell

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