Michelle ❤

Michelle ❤

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  • And before people jump in being all unwholesome, no those were not honorary first lady degrees. She got them in the 80s.

  • 📂Documents
    └📁 Michelle Obama
    └📁 Success
    └⚠️ File too Large

  • Incredible I never knew that thanks for sharing

  • Also worth noting is that she was Barack’s boss when they first met! 🙂

  • She really is an amazing lady!

  • She ain’t interested in politics but she sure as hell is over qualified.

  • People don’t realize that being a first lady is a full time job in-and-of itself. Most first ladies seem to just be “along for the ride.” Michelle Obama took the job and ran with it. I didn’t know about her degrees, but I’m not surprised.

  • I really wish she would’ve run instead of Hillary, I know she didn’t want to but I wish she did man.

  • Tied for first actually

  • Possibly the smartest person to live in the White House!

  • [removed]

  • She seems like such a good role model

  • Wow, didn’t know she had four degrees. Two from Harvard and two from Princeton? Impressive

  • What’s bpt

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