Mermaid cosplay on a new level

Mermaid cosplay on a new level

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  • I imagine she’s probably got pretty good core strength.

  • Well dont complain when a shark comes to play.

  • Fish legs costume in a pool: Cool.

    Fish legs costume in the open ocean: Not the smartest.

  • How long can she go without taking a breath? Using those muscles like that ought to burn up done oxygen pretty quickly.

  • Wouldn’t a real mermaid be topless?

  • That’s a big fishy.

  • That looks like Hannah Mermaid. She’s an environmental activist, raises awareness for pollution and sea animals with videos and stuff like this. She’s on YouTube and facebook.

  • “Oh god I want to be inside of that. To bad the girl ruins the video” – Jonah

  • Merfolk would have abs you could shred cabbage on.

  • I’ll say. Ariel cosplay at the bottom’s good, but the Ursula costume above hers even better.

  • Wonder what mermaid tastes like.

  • That’s a new low. Usually it’s above sea level.

  • “cosplay”

  • Still better than 47 Meters Down

  • She can hold her breath for a long time. That’s… relevant to my interests.

  • Is this real?

  • 😍

  • They sell mermaid tail swimsuits for little girls now. They seem insanely dangerous.

  • I would be scared shitless if I were her.

  • What if the big fish mistakes her as a smaller fish?

  • … poor form

  • I wonder if something intelligent like a dolphin would have a funny reaction seeing a mermaid.

  • All fun n games untill the shark mistakes you for an injured seal​

  • Pretty good, but honestly and not in a creepy way, mermaids were topless.

  • And at that moment, I was a marine biologist.

  • I held my breath while watching her to see if I could…no.

  • Reminds me of the Kanye West scene from South park (Fishsticks).

  • Now I want to watch Splash.

  • The inverse equivalent of this would be a pretentious fish wearing pants.

  • But white people won’t eat gluten

  • Is it just me or is that really quite sexy

  • Damn. I would spread my seed all over her eggs.

  • thanks fuckface

  • That seems like a good way to get raped by a whale shark.

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