• Rust 1945

  • Terminal 1945

  • Well, there is the Trinity test?

  • Nuketown Nagasaki Edition. With a paid Hiroshima DLC skin!

  • Nuketown is treyarch

  • Is it just me or does that map suck? It’s so fucking small.

  • Nagasaki

  • Lol oh shit…

  • Thanks 4chan.

  • His face is his reaction to them talking about nuketown.

  • I swear to Christ if there is any of that stupid robot Halo bullshit going on I’m going to lose my shit.

  • Okay CoD, this is your one chance to regain some of your player base.

    Don’t fuck it up.

  • This game removed swastikas and put black women into the game, don’t expect Hiroshima as a map.
    Gotta stay politically correct to sell them games to little kids or else their parents won’t buy them the games.
    Cod is marketed for children

  • Nuketown Nagasaki bombs?!??

  • F

  • I’m friends with the designer/creator of nuketown. I’m gonna send this to him and get his thoughts.

  • Please I’m tired of nuke town! I either RAPE or get raped, no in between.

  • Nuketown? More like Puke-Town.

    Hiroshima? More like WouldntWannaBeYa.

    Good night everybody. Tip your waitresses.

    You scrolled all the way down to read this. You can’t judge me.

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