• I don’t get why people were arguing about giving up on, rural voters, the non-Hispanic white working class and the Midwest when you look at stuff like this. No point losing these voters permanently out of spite.

  • I’ll keep saying it until everyone does: we’re the party of all Americans. As such, we need to play every race to win. When we only shoot for what we perceive as swing districts, we send the message that we care about winning, not about representing the whole country.

    And honestly, the special elections should make it clear that every district is in play anyway. We nearly won some deep red seats, and actually pulled it off in New Hampshire, Long Island, and Oklahoma.

    We need to run everywhere.

  • I’ll take compete everywhere as our strategy thanks…

  • >If we look at all the special elections, it’s interesting to note that Democrats this year have been outperforming their 2016 baseline most in the districts where Clinton underperformed Obama and least in the districts where Clinton outperformed Obama. The latter group tends to include more highly educated, suburban areas that traditionally voted Republican.

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