May the greatest of the 1995 TV show Sliders never be forgotten.

May the greatest of the 1995 TV show Sliders never be forgotten.

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  • John Rhys-Davies

    the main reason this show as great

  • How has this NOT been rebooted?????

    Come on, Netflix!

  • One of my favourite shows growing up, but it did seem to fall away towards the end.

  • I used to love this show. Remy the ‘Crying Man’ Brown was the best part. Then that awful Cro-Mag arc ruined it, plus Jerry O’Connell left and things went downhill from there. I would watch a reboot if they did it right.

  • This show was as important to my developing interest in science fiction as things like Star Trek TNG or Back to the Future

  • Best part was every character met with a horrible death/limbo.

    Loved the show.

  • I’ve got tears in my fro cuz I’m standin’ on my head, over you T_T

  • “So what you’re saying is that we’re some kinda… sliders?”

  • Quinn!!!!!!!!

  • Ahhh… 90’s Fox, starter and killer of a lot of great shows.

  • Holy shit. How did I miss this growing up? BRB gotta watch this.

  • Did we ever figure out if the Professor and the Evil Professor switched places?

  • my TV production teacher made the class watch this and write an essay about it. Good times.

  • I loved this show until it got weird with slider aliens and all that. Then it just fell apart. But I loved this show growing up. I wish someone would reboot it.

  • Aww, I thought I was coming in to watch a Parker Lewis Can’t Lose Clip.

  • This show was pure magic for me back in the day.

  • May the latter seasons, with Kromaggs and “Mallory”, *always* be forgotten.

  • I miss this and Deadly Games to this day

  • We did a whole podcast episode about the greatness of Sliders and how the networks screwed it up – that first season is still excellent. We’re hoping that one day Netflix will revive it and make it a crossover with Quantum Leap.

  • Sliders was a fun show.

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