Max turned 6 today. He couldn’t be more thrilled.

Max turned 6 today. He couldn’t be more thrilled.

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  • Max has colorings that make him look older. My chi is the same 😊 aww good maxing max!!

  • why is he so sad?

  • He looks 16

  • Hello Max

  • Max has the face of a doggo that has seen a lot in his short life and has a lot of wisdom as a result of it.

  • I relate to this dog. My face every birthday after 30 lol.

  • That dog’s name should be Eeyore.

  • What a cutie though <3

  • Prematurely grey. I know them feels.

  • I think Max is afraid of his hat.

  • He looks “so torchured” here! Party hat, bandana, cake… Oh my!

  • Poor guy. Looks like he’s having a ruff time.

  • My 6 yo Boxer all of a sudden got a bunch of grey on his nose too.

  • Hmm, for my dog that is the “I am in trouble” look.

  • Can i finally eat this cake now?

  • That’s one lugubrious pup.

  • Happy birthday Max!

  • It’s not quite the “collar of shame,” but it is a close second.

  • Its just gonna rain anyway.

  • Awwww poor guy! He’s adorable! If only I could talk bark

  • My pup is 4 and also starting to gray. Yours is a cutie, he looks very wise! Give him a birthday belly rub for me.

  • happy birthday Max

  • Please give him a great big hug from me!

  • Oh that face! I also love the bits of grey on his muzzle and feet. Sweet buddy.

  • Handsome fella. Lots of pets for him.

  • He’s so over it! I don’t blame him….that hat!

  • We all hate party hats

  • I have those same damn speakers.

  • His face.

  • A tasteful example of blackface. Like Laurence Olivier in Othello!

  • Congratulations Max,. You look like a really good boy.

  • Ah. The “get this shit off me please” look. You would think our pets would appreciate the effort we put into supplying them with nice things.

  • Really does not look like he is enjoying his BD. Did you tell him the 7x thing with age?

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