Max Payne 3 had some great AI

Max Payne 3 had some great AI

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  • Still fun as hell.

  • That guy is just **really** motivated to finish that work, man!

  • thats how my contractor rebuild my house. actually AI is better cause didnt even hurt himself.

  • This was a fantastic games and should be played

  • [Damn extras!](

  • Max Payne 3 is just….incredible. Sure this AI part is dumb but isn’t this also the part where you grab the chain? AKA the most hype part of the ENTIRE game?

  • But there are many of them, I don’t know, how many enemies actually are in the game but by the end of it I’ve got an achievement for 2000 headshots 🙂

  • I wish this would become backward compatible for Xbox One, it’s the only 360 game I want that isn’t already available. IMO this was one of the best games of last generation, but because it came so late people kinda forgot about it.

    When GTA V was announced I was hoping it had gunplay mechanics like this as it’s also by Rockstar.. unfortunately they stuck to the lock-on and not being able to shoot in any direction (always have to face forward in GTA)

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