Marvel’s Inhumans – Official Trailer 1

Marvel’s Inhumans – Official Trailer 1

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    fucking what?

  • This seems kind of… I don’t know, like an NBC sci-fi show with an anemic budget.

  • It’s tough to make Iwan Rheon look bad, but this trailer is doing a good job of that. His dialogue delivery in this trailer is uninspiring.

  • I think Black Bolt best summed up everyone’s reactions when he said “…”

  • Is it me or does this look pretty shit

  • Medusa’s hair is just inexcusable.

  • Hot damn, this looks like a pile of shit.

    EDIT: Welp, thanks for gold, unknown friend. Glad we can agree on this dumpster fire.

  • Sad. It looks like a cheap Syfy show. I was still willing to go with it until BlackBolt transported to Earth in an obvious attempt to save money. This should be a grand epic like a HBO series instead it smells like another Terra Nova.

  • Just how much bad blood is there between the TV and film departments of marvel? Like I know it’s touchy but this is fucked.
    I can’t even track the events that lead here.

    Inhumans in shield, in humans movie announced, in humans movie cancelled, in humans series developed. We all get fucked.

    Hiring Scott buck seems like an act of sabotage. How were so many people asleep at the wheel? The best looking part of this is a CGI dog

  • IMAX camera’s are great and all, but you also have to know how to use it correctly to actually make something look good and different. This looks like an average ABC production. Like the shot of Hawai doesn’t look any different from the one from Lost.

  • Iwan Rheon is great.
    I loved his acting in misfits and GOT.

    But anything else about this trailer is bad.

  • > filmed on IMAX cameras

    > shot on a Doctor Who budget

  • I feel like they blew the entire budget on Lockjaw, because he actually looks pretty good.

    But everything else, damn…

  • Jesus christ, Marvel… what the fuck are you doing?

  • “Sorry” – from everyone at /r/marvelstudios

  • I would have so loved a Bryan Fuller style inhuman series. With Medusa, Blackbolt, Lockjaw, Attilan looking majestic as fuck.

  • This looks like a porno parody

  • Iwan Rheon deserves so much better than whatever this shit is

  • This looks awful. Yikes.

  • Looks like shit. How could Marvel allow their brand to be tainted by this shit Director in not one, but TWO fucking shows??!

    Iron Fist was the Worst Defender, and this looks horrible. Shit costumes, SHIT CGI, ugh.

    I wish they would’ve just handed over the reigns to the /r/SHIELD team, as that show has amazing production value, cinematic feeling, and amazing CGI

  • Iwan Rheon is a great actor, and I’ve heard Anson Mount was good in Hell On Wheels, so I’m thinking this show is just written and shot like absolute shit. Every line Rheon said was some cheesy, cliche line from every trailer ever and sounded fucking stupid. Pass.

  • Did I just see Black Bolt get his shit kicked in by two patrol cops?

  • Looks kinda crappy. Like a low budget cheesy sci-fi show featuring Ramsay Bolton.

  • They found the worst Black Bolt they could. This guy can’t express anything with his face, hes fucking emotionless.

    Also this show looks so cheap. Wheres the production value? THIS IS THE ROYAL FUCKING FAMILY! They shouldn’t live in a concrete bunker.

  • This could have been a lot better. Ramsay Snow should have kept his British accent. His American accent isn’t very good.

  • Fix that wig

  • Why is black bolt getting manhandled by regular cops? He’s not just a freaking loud voice, he has strength that almost rivals the freaking hulk.

  • Where the fuck did the budget go? The way this is shot makes it feel cheap and Smallville-ish.

  • Looks kinda bad but maybe the budget or my low expectations.
    I hope its at least Agents of Shield level but Scott Buck..

    Edit:You know what on second thought this ;looks pretty horrible.Like Iron Fist levels of wasting potential.Does Scott Buck have secret dossiers on Marvel execs to Buck them up or something?

    I also really hope they don’t do an ABC Star Wars show..Wasnt that a rumour at some point?

  • That Party City red wig tho

  • This looks… not so great. Iwan Rheon delivered that dialogue the best he could but geez those lines were rough. The sets look super cheap. After learning it has the same showrunner as Iron Fist, I’m a little worried. This looks like something you’d find on the Scifi channel a few years ago.

  • I generally do not make a decision if a show is good or bad because of a trailer. I will give the show a chance – just like I did SHIELD – and see where it takes goes.

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