Marshawn Lynch after being ejected, in disguise watching the remainder game from the stands sitting with family and friends

Marshawn Lynch after being ejected, in disguise watching the remainder game from the stands sitting with family and friends

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  • That night he was more of a Raider fan than a player (literally)

  • Sneak mode.

  • [Video of incident with ref](

  • He was spotted [on the train]( afterwards.

  • Can anyone r/outoftheloop me here?

  • Im just here so I won’t get fined.

  • I’m just commenting on this post so I won’t get fined

  • He is a man of the people.

  • That’s my ninja right there

  • When you see your fantasy player in the stands instead of the field smh

  • Love him or hate him, Marshawn stays on his town shit.

  • Yeah because wearing his own brand and wearing that thing on his face like he has in interviews before is such a cunning disguise.

  • I already knew he didn’t give no shits. But this is going negative fucks now.

    I approve.

  • Bench Mode

  • Barry Sanders wouldn’t pull this crap…

  • Sleepy fuckin D

  • I’m so happy he didn’t go home like it was reported during the game

  • As a chiefs fan, he’s alright. Fuck Derek

  • You know why I’m here!

  • Literally thought he was wearing a Nirvana t shirt

  • “I’m just here so I’ll get fined and maybe suspended more.”

  • “I’m up here because I just got fined”

  • I thought that was a Ninja Brian cosplay for a second there.

  • He won’t get fined

  • Came in all sneaky beaky like

  • Lookin like a Jedi out in Oakland.. These are not the Skittles you’re looking for.

  • Man I love Skittles I’m sad he left Seattle but I wish him well

  • Least Mode there.

  • He is the only guy I have ever seen where I would see him in a mask and still say “ yup that’s beast mode”

  • I like this dude a lot and he keeps proving me why

  • Biscuits and gravy!

  • I thought it was L from the Death Note movie.

  • “In one motion” he’s teaching things on BART.

  • #NARC

  • Football fights are so stupid…

  • He doesn’t even go here!

  • What did he do to get ejected?

  • HAH! Romo was giving him crap when it was reported that he left the stadium.

  • They’re gunna add on to his one game suspension. He’s not allowed in the arena after being ejected.


  • If this is actually true, it’s fucking hilarious. LOL!

  • No! The TV clearly told me he left the building and it was a disgrace to do such a thing.

    Seriously this is awesome.

  • This thread is about to be locked, bet

  • Fan mode..

  • dumb move by a dumb guy. shocking stuff.

  • Can’t stand this dude.

  • Love Beast Mode. Always will.

  • He wasn’t in disguise, he almost always wears the mask when playing

  • His antics wouldn’t have been so amusing if they hadn’t won the game on their third attempt at the final play.

    I like the guy and I think he’s funny at times, but his don’t-give-a-fuck attitude would drive me nuts if I were a Raiders fan.

  • Clearly stealth isn’t a skill of his…

  • His guy is a living legend

  • This is just blatant disregard for conduct policy. Kick this fucking clown out of the league.

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