• I don’t get this either way. Even if he was screaming why did he get a ticket. I can’t scream in my car?

  • That’s outrageous. It should have been $500.

  • I’ll wait for the real story to come out, that he was ticketed for some other legitimate reason, and he was just spinning it to make people think he was ticketed only for singing/screaming

  • He said that his wife told him “If you were given a ticket for singing it should have been $300”

    Sick burn ma’am, sick burn.

  • I would be fighting this one in court if I were them.

  • Just blame it on the rain.

  • Where else can this law be instituted?

  • RemindMe! 6 months

  • My most positive reason to accept autonomous driving cars? Putting cops out of a job!

  • It was NOT time for the percolator.

  • [Because you had to hear it](https://youtu.be/LaTGrV58wec)

  • When Gangnam style came out, I Gangnam styled so hard I traffic jams, man I must have been lucky to not get caught

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