Man gets prison for tossing dogs from top of parking garage

Man gets prison for tossing dogs from top of parking garage

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  • Can you imagine what’s going through the minds of the people who found the dogs when they were lost? Lucky enough to get a reward and then you find out the dude wasn’t even the owner and is a complete fucking pyschopath.

    Also he probably knows where they live now. Pretty sure I’d move.

  • I was walking around a Pet’s Mart when I overheard a group of (probably) junior high kids. They were talking about buying some hamsters to throw off the freeway overpass. I waited until they actually got a clerk and told her they wanted them before stepping in. They ended up getting their parents involved because they admitted to what they were planning when I called them out.

  • My dog came from a really bad abuse situation, and she literally won’t defend herself even if she needed to. She is the sweetest dog and doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body.

    She is tattooed, microchipped, she has a collar, and a GPS tracker that alerts me if she ever escaped the yard. I don’t walk her without a harness.

    People might say overkill, but I’m not taking any chances. I’ll never let her end up in the hands of monsters again.

  • This is so fucking disturbing. There was absolutely no reason whatsoever to do this. Can understand when a crime, even a violent one, is committed for profit or revenge. What did these two dogs do to this man? This was a well thought out, planned crime also. Not like he found the two dogs on the side of the road and thought, know what would be funny? He put money, time and effort into doing this insane sadistic act.

  • He’s serving a 5 year sentence for animal cruelty concurrently with a 6 year sentence for drug charges.

    1. This means he’s not getting any additional time for throwing the dogs off.

    2. This means that drug use is seen as more dangerous than paying a reward to throw strangers dogs off buildings. WTF, priorities?

  • Seriously, fuck knowing about this.

  • Psycho. I’m sure he’ll torture more animals and maybe even graduate to humans once he gets out.

  • Stories like this are exactly the reason why I stopped going to Yahoo. I started noticing more and more stories dealing with animal abuse, horrible deaths, stupid celebrity news (mainly Kardashian related) and it wouldn’t go away even when I would click on “see less types of these stories”. No surprise to see the link from Yahoo.

  • >The two sentences will run concurrently

    The judge should of thrown the book at this POS and had him serve them consecutively.

  • Some people hate Democrats and some people hate Republicans… but we all hate guys who throw dogs off buildings.

  • Just to think he’s gonna be walking around among us in just 2 years with good behavior.

  • Yeaaahh prison is too good for this guy

  • He deserves a Ramsey Bolton ending as justice.

  • Cellmate: What you in for Ed?

    Ed: Dropping’ poodles from parking garages.

    Cellmate: Haha, no really.

    Ed: Really.

    Cellmate: You gonna be my little spoon.

  • He should be dropped into Antartica fucking naked

  • I haven’t seen it mentioned in this thread yet, so for anyone who didn’t read the whole article, one of the dogs survived with broken legs, and has undergone surgery.

    The other sadly did not survive. What an absolutely awful thing to do, that man is a disgrace.

  • This son of a bitch.

    I live like ten minutes from Oak Lawn. I was born at Christ Hospital.

    Prison ain’t enough. Let’s throw this asshole off the top of a parking garage.

  • I’m not saying animal cruelty should be a capital offense but I am saying I wouldn’t mind it if this guy was sentenced to being drawn and quartered.

  • I hope this cunt gets thrown off the roof in prison. Fuck him. Hope he dies a miserable lonely painful death.

  • That dude did that shit to my dog he would get the ass kicking of his life time

  • If Chicago is hunting for a serial killer in ten years, this guy is their guy.

  • Fuck prison the man should be euthanized

  • I don’t consider this news except to inform me that psychos exist. I know that, but giving them press coverage makes it seem like they are more prevalent.

    It’s like a human interest story, but makes me feel bad instead.

  • Usually when I wake up, around 5am, I try to be as quiet as possible reading reddit on my iPad so as not to wake my dogs up immediately, since they all expect to be immediately walked, and I’m not always that awake myself yet.

    This morning after reading this story I woke them all up with hugs despite the time and took the walk.

  • Fuck that guy, hope he rots in prison.

  • Should’ve been killed for it

  • I went to high school with this person and live in the houses directly across the street from this hospital. It’s absolutely disgusting seeing this be so far up on the top of reddit.

    I don’t believe my town has ever had so much attention drawn to it and it’s incredibly unfortunate it’s for such a terrible act. This guy has a history of not being the nicest to other people and has been seen being abusive to other animals in the past, specifically in his own backyard. While this isn’t the first case of him doing something like this at least he’s finally receiving punishment. I hope he gets the help he deserves.

    The name of the dog who survived is Angel.

  • [removed]

  • I see no problem with this statement. Maybe add a few more years to his sentence.

  • He seems really really sick, like super fucked in the head. Might be unpopular to say so because what he did is incredibly heinous, but he should probably be evaluated and put in a mental institution if found to be truly ill.

  • This guy is mentally ill and needs more than just time in jail. If he can do that to a poor defenseless animal think what he could do to a baby or small child. This dude is seriously sick and needs help or maybe some time in a chair that plugs in to some high voltage, and I am not talking about AC/DC ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) .

  • Hurting animals makes my blood boil. I don’t give a shit if a person is mentally ill or seriously deviant, whatever drives someone to do something so cruel and cowardly is not right for this world. If I could imagine a punishment, I would hope that two prison guards escort this piece of shit to the yard once a week. And rather than let him go peacefully, push him out a second story window. Every week. Not enough to kill, but bruises and broken bones are ideal. No reason, just throw him ten feet down to the ground. Every fucking week

  • Perhaps it’d be ironic if he were tossed from the catwalk of cell block 6?

  • Should have thrown him off the fucking garage. Seriously, is there a shortage of humans I haven’t heard about? Why aren’t we just killing these people?

  • How the fuck does that kind of animal cruelty only get 5 years in prison? I mean jesus, that is just being willfully malicious.

  • When I first read this I read it as “tossing hot dogs” and I thought “ridiculous country, no wonder our incarceration rate is so high”.

    Nope, I was wrong, fuck this guy

  • He was just trying to speed up evolution /s
    But seriously tho, that’s super fucked up

  • I’m speechless. I have a toy poodle and they’re just so sweet. She’s 15 and has all the energy and enthusiasm as when she was a puppy.

  • Prison? He needs to be thrown off a fucking parking garage roof! I would die if anyone ever hurt my dog. She’s so sweet and innocent… how can anyone abuse animals :'(

  • That guy is going to get his wig split when the other prisoners find out what he is prison for, then this guy is a marked man

  • People are royally fucked up for doing shit like this. Why? What compelled you to hurt dogs that haven’t fucked with you? Do you find pleasure in it? I swear I will never understand people.

  • [Raul’s Wild Kingdom](

  • Someone toss him off the courthouse 3rd floor and see if he flys

  • POS. Where’s the pack of pit bulls when you need em.

  • Jesus, what a psycho. I can’t imagine this guy being any different after his 5 year sentence. Likely more psychotic.

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