making out with serious hottie in front of her guy friend

making out with serious hottie in front of her guy friend

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  • This is lame

  • What a stupid video, honestly.

  • wtf. what an annoying slurry. those guys. fucking annoying. American accent like this is honestly worse than any fucked up British accent I’ve ever heard. thats saying something. dont get me wrong the americans ive met traveling have been beautiful people. this video however made my eyes bleed and my ear drums burst. there’s blood running down my neck now. if I walked past this interaction and heard these people talking I would literally jump in front of a bus just to make it stop. horrible horrible shallow loud people. I mean jesus fucking christ…why..why? if I ever have kids I pray they come out the oppisite of these basic fucks. arghhhh. why? their voices just…I can’t. these people are gona breed? and that guy talking about getting a blow job from this girl after he just met him and she laughed about that? I feel sick and just fucking wronged. how dare you post this video…I’ve said what I need to. this is a great sub. please don’t ban me. peace

  • No lie that was cool as fuck to go and kiss her. But why the fuck would any women kiss a guy with neon green hair

  • His clothes scream friend zone.

  • So what happens after the first :25 cause that’s as far as I got?

  • I don’t get it. Are they strangers? Is this the OP’s video? What’s the story behind this?

  • That was hilarious but I think it would have gone a little differently If she was sober. That girl was lit as fuck.

  • Holy shit was that annoying.

  • Judging by the video, 1, it’s weird you’re videoing this. 2, maybe that dude is just her friend. 3, she smokes which means she’s not hot lol. Edit: 4, she doesn’t even lift, pancake ass lmao

    The fuck is this video lol

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