• Honestly still impressive he could stand on his head that long

  • For some reason, I didn’t notice how ridiculous that striped onesie is until he was right side up.

  • Illusions, Michael.

  • *Illusion*, tricks are something whores do for money… or candy.

  • Couldn’t fool the one guy that mattered

  • If this is a magic trick, how do you end it? It’s not like people will pretend they don’t see the huge metal brace…Guessing this is an attempt at a viral video.

  • I think I finally figured out why I really really hate chinese ‘prank’ videos that are extremely obviously staged.

    The goal of these videos is humor, but humor relies on something unknown to occur, so when I open up one of these videos I already know something like this is going to happen and so there’s no punchline. I don’t understand how people enjoy them.

    My IQ is over 400 and I am a supreme gentleman in case you were going to ask.

  • Completely fooled me on the first go around. This would make for a good photo.

  • I didn’t see the panda in the back until i watched it again!

  • this is the bad side of being eco-friendly. you bust things. lol

  • Chinese humor strikes again

  • /r/unexpected

  • The Internet is such a great place. These people somewhere took the time to film this thing they did and then some other person or people converted it to an easy format and posted it an imaginary place so some other people could easily see the best few seconds while they poop.

  • I had to watch like 3 times to understand how the trash guy messed up the trick. I thought he just ruined the guy’s concentration or something at first.

  • Camera trick**

  • Priceless

  • I figured we had all seen the [Levitating Yogi “trick”] (https://youtu.be/voVj8zVTWCA?t=33s) already.

  • I wonder what he meant with ‘SF2261’.

  • ~~Magic trick ruined~~ Punchline revealed

  • Did anyone else expect the bottle to break ?
    Like you don’t want it to… but your sorta do… but you don’t ?

  • Bottle or not, that’s still impressive to balance on your head like that.

  • Your neck is only supposed to hold 10 pounds of head, not 150 lb of rice.

  • For all the people that love to point out it cant be a trick because people would easily figure it out. Heres Penn and Teller with an indirect metaphor.


  • What kind of haircut is that?

  • What is that pole even for? It looks like it’s stuck into the sidewalk so it has to have a purpose, right?

  • Can’t be the only person that expected the bottle to break, so he would smash the head in the ground

  • That wouldn’t have worked in person anyways. This trick really only works if your audience is directly in front of you.

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