• I’m rooting for Valerian to do well. I usually shun the big blockbuster movies, but I’m going to go see this one.

  • Man people on this sub give this movie way too much shit. Cant we atleast wait for it to be seen before just claiming it a flop?

    It looks like an interesting and really beautiful movie, CGI or not its something unique.
    Im gonna see it.

  • Why does it seem like people are purposely trying to tank this before they’ve even seen it? Is it the rest of the industry being jealous because all they do is remake stuff?

  • I suspect this will be a flop as well. Too much CGI, and mediocre leads, especially probably the worse actress currently featuring on film.

  • That’s why they sold their music library to Sony for a shitty 16mill then?

  • good luck.

  • I do not like the lead actress in this film, at all.

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