LPT: United Nations Department of Safety & Security provides a free online course on “Preparing and Responding to Active Shooter”....

Link: https://training.dss.un.org/course/category/3

tl;dw – Avoid, deny, and defend as last resort. Yet remember every situation is different.

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  • Thank you for posting this.

  • Hide. Run. Fight. Remember those. I took a 4 hour active shooter training for work, partly due to the number of mass murders that have happened in Oregon. Key lessons: active shooter incidents last about 15 minutes. The officer conducting the training said police get there in time to count bodies. You have to act quickly, don’t wait for orders. He advised getting creative. Inside a building? Punch a hole through the ceiling and hide there. Shooter finds you trapped in a room? Break through the drywall, it’s not too hard with a chair or something. Get rough with your environment if it means saving your life and others.

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