LPT: Students from these 70+ US colleges can get free access to HBO GO

* Adelphi University
* Alfred State
* Auburn University
* Bryant University
* Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
* Cal State Monterey Bay
* Cal State University Long Beach
* Central CT State University
* Clemson University
* College of Mount Saint Vincent
* Colorado School of Mines
* Concordia University Chicago
* Connecticut College
* Depaul University
* DePauw University
* Fitchburg State University
* Florida International University
* Fordham University
* Franklin College of Indiana
* George Mason University
* Georgia Southern University
* Harvard University
* Hoftra University
* Illinois College
* Jackson College
* Le Moyne College
* Loyola Marymount University
* Marshall University
* Millersville University
* Mount St. Marys University
* New York University
* Ohio State University North Dorms
* Oregon Tech
* Salem State University
* Seton Hall University
* Sheridan College
* Shippensburg University
* St. Catherine University
* Stanislaus State
* Stony Brook University
* SUNY Geneseo
* SUNY Maritime
* SUNY Plattsburgh
* The University at Buffalo
* Trinity University
* U of I Springfield
* UNC Asheville
* UNC Charlotte
* UNC Chapel-Hill
* University of Alabama
* University of Colorado Boulder
* University of the Cumberlands
* University of Dayton
* University of Houston
* University of Miami
* University of Minnesota
* University of New Haven
* University of Rochester
* University of Texas El Paso
* University of Utah
* University of Southern California
* University of South Florida
* University of Tennessee Knoxville
* University of Washington
* University of Wyoming
* UW Whitewater
* Valdosta State University
* Virginia Commonwealth University
* Washington State University
* Weber State University
* Western Illinois University
* Western Kentucky

To sign up, go to HBOGO.com, click Sign In, then pick your school from the “All Providers” list.

Info courtesy [BGR](http://bgr.com/2017/07/30/how-to-watch-game-of-thrones-season-7-free-episode-3/)

More info: https://help.hbogo.com/hc/en-us/articles/231970727

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  • Might be important to note the caveat I ran into:

    It appears that the program requires you to be an undergrad student living in on-campus housing. Otherwise you may get peoples’ hopes up only to dash them

  • >Ohio State University **North Dorms**

    Well dammit.

  • Mine is not on the list ಥ_ಥ

    Btw, if you are out of campus, you can always use the vpn service from the university to get access
    (same way if you need to download papers/thesis)

  • That list is actually missing a few universities; I know Brown and Vanderbilt also get HBO Go for free.

  • Why? My college only gave me Microsoft Office and like 6 different blueprint things.

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