LPT: Put your main door key on an extra hoop so that it hangs lower and you can find it...

e.g. http://imgur.com/J8WuuuU

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  • Now I know how to steal everyone’s main door key

  • I always wonder why people have to 20 key and 25 half broken keychain cluster fuck on them.

    I have 3 keys. Home. Work. Car.

  • Real LPT: install proper lightning or at least add tiny flashlight to your keychain

    It is dangerous to go in complete darkness and it is double dangerous to do stuff in dark places.

  • Holy shit, yes! Thank you!

  • I have it on a hoop with my car key, works wonders!

  • So that’s why people do that!

  • any tips for spare keys / getting locked out?

  • LPT: Install a sensor light for your driveway and entry

  • I have more keys in my set than a fuckin janitor.

    Source: own a restaurant

  • keys are fucking ancient technology. Use an illuminated combination lock or something.. No loosing keys any more. I banned all keys from my life and life is really better now.. (okay, I lost the last one I had that was really bad)

  • I used to mark mine with nail polish, but that wears off.

    Now [I drill different patterns of dimples in them like this](http://i.imgur.com/iZMXWON.png).

    Holes work too but I like the dimples better.
    I make the dimples with a size drill of my choice and then use a larger drill bit to smooth the edges.
    Smoothing the edges can be done by hand turning the larger drill bit because you don’t need to take off much metal.

    If you are now thinking this is a good idea and you want to try it too please read [this guide to metal drilling first](https://www.familyhandyman.com/tools/drills/tips-for-drilling-holes-in-metal).
    Especially the part about clamping down what you are drilling in (the key) as just drilling into a piece of metal you are holding by hand can be dangerous.
    I borrowed a drill press to make the dimples in my keys, but it can be done with more ordinary tools as well.

    Now I can tell them apart in the dark or in my pocket just by touch, and dimples or holes in keys never wear off.
    This also works no matter how many keys you have as long as you give them patterns you can easily tell apart – the extra hoop trick in the original post only works with one key.

    You can also file notches into the side of the keys, just never alter the part of the key that goes in the lock, since obviously the key needs a certain pattern of groves there to open the lock. If you alter that it might not open the lock.

    Another trick is to drill a small hole in one of the sides of the key and use that hole with your key ring.
    Now when you hold the key ring the keys with the hole in the center will all hang straight down but the key with the hole to the side will no longer have center balance like the others and will be sticking out of the bunch so you can easily find it.

  • I do this, and it’s wonderful!

  • This post deserves some love. Awesome simple idea!

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