LPT: If you’re going to buy solar eclipse glasses, be careful where you get them from. There are a lot...

I’m talking mainly about amazon. There are loads for sale there that claim to be made in the USA by American Paper Optics but ship from china. Best part is they wouldn’t even arrive until after the eclipse.

[Look for the American Paper Optics on the back of the glasses](http://i.imgur.com/lBhmlT5.png)

If you need 50+ glasses you can order directly from the manufacturer here: https://www.eclipseglasses.com/collections/eclipse-glasses-stock

If you only need a few, look on amazon but make sure you are buying them from a vendor in the USA and check the reviews carefully.

[These look to be legit](https://www.amazon.com/Solar-Eclipse-Glasses-Certified-Astronaut/dp/B06XPT2LL3/) when sold from Electronic Analyst.

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  • If they have the CE logo, it’s probably better…

  • Go to a local welding shop and get a piece of #14 welding glass. It’ll cost a couple of dollars and will work fine. But ONLY #14…. #13 is not “close enough” by any measure, and you can’t stack glass of lesser strengths. (i.e. #7 + #7 =/= #14.)

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