LPT: If your windows are too small, use a longer curtain rod. It creates the illusion of a bigger window,...

Pic first: http://imgur.com/a/OQ0Ai

Whoever built our house cut a lot of corners, and I guess to save money they used small windows so we get very little natural light on the back half of the house.

When I moved in with my husband I brought my curtains, and just threw them up on the rod that was there when he bought the house from the previous owners, and it just looked terrible. I swapped it out for a much longer curtain rod and the effect is huge. The curtain panels cover more of the blank wall, and create the illusion of a bigger window. It also makes the room look bigger, and more open!

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  • You also had zoomed out and a better angle…

    Real LPT: Zoom out and get a better angle to make room appear larger.

  • Your pictures do not make for a good comparison. The before picture is a lot closer. Perhaps we can better see the merit of your LPT if the pictures were taken at equal distance.

  • AKA opening the curtains lulz

  • You opened the curtains in second pic. Yes, Revealing the window does in fact make it seem larger since you can see it…

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