LPT: If you want to get good at something, do it for at least 3 minutes every day to make...

Here is a quick and dirty formula:
Step 1: Pick a “baby step” habit that helps you towards your new skill. Something that takes almost no effort at all and gets you started. The key is to do it **daily**.
Step 2: Get started. Do the first day of your new habit. This is usually the hardest part.
Step 3: Be persistent. Persistence builds a habit and a habit ensures you’ll do that thing you want to do for years to come and eventually becoming amazing at it.

Source: [Learn New Skills Quickly With This 3-Step Formula](https://www.neverproductive.com/skills/)

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  • TIL why I am really good at masturbating

  • 3 min of sex here I come

  • I started playing guitar a 2 months ago and now I can play 6 chords and interchange (clumsily) between them.

    I play whenever i feel like it, and I don’t push myself too hard. And as a result I love practicing!

    Do it correctly with technique not fast! In time you will improve, faster than you think.

  • 3 mins is all I…damn, I got here too late.

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