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Ok if you are suffering from low self-esteem there is an NLP technique that can help you. The technique is called the ‘Greatest hits collection’, it’s basically a collection of your best moments.
In order to use this method, you are going to need something to write on or a word document. In the document write down moments in your life in which you felt good about yourself. Write down moments in which you had a healthy self-esteem. The context of the moments does not matter, what matters is how you felt during those moments.

**Here are some examples:**

• Mowing your neighbour’s lawn

• Coming first in your Biology class

• Helping a relative with money issues

• Being complimented on your dancing

• Getting your first kiss from the guy/girl you really liked

• Getting praise from your boss

Make sure you add to the list whenever something of value happens in your life that makes you feel good. For the method to work, you must review this list periodically (perhaps once a day, or once a week, or once a month). Each time you review the items on the list, go back to the memory in the FIRST PERSON and relive the experience remembering what it felt like. It is important that you review it in the first person because you will associate with the memory easier, it will become more real to you. Make sure you try to remember as much detail as possible as well. Go over the list until you are feeling happy about yourself.


The reason we have the list is so that we can train our mind to remember that we are valuable, eventually, you will not even need a list as your mind will go over the events automatically. If you work on this method, you will never have moments of low self-esteem for too long. Your mind will be saturated with many reference examples to remind you about your self-worth. People who have high self-esteem and high confidence often have these references at the back of their minds supporting their view of the world, and their view of themselves.

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  • How about just good ol’ self-forgetfulness. Both high self-esteem and low-self esteem are egoistic. But self-forgetfulness is freeing.

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