• So what you’re saying is I can finally watch the Olympics on west coast LIVE with no hours long TV delay?! YESSS

  • Before people bitch about the cost, the US, Canada and U.K. have had net positive Olympics

  • This will be the first Summer Olympics in the US since Atlanta in 1996.

  • I can’t wait to see Phelps swim in LA after he retires and comes back for the 4th time. 57 medals in all!

  • Perfect. My 6 year old was shooting for the 2028 Olympics anyways….

  • It’s hard to even imagine what things will look like in 2024 much less 2028. So much has changed over the last 7 years, I’m interested to see what kind of world these Olympics will be taking place in.

  • This kinda open the case for the US to host the 2026 World Cup.

  • Oh no… The traffic…

  • LA “Agrees” to host it? Isn’t it usually a big competition with who gets to host the Olympics?

  • I’m thrilled the games will be back in the US, but why is LA hosting a third time when cities like New York, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, and Philly have never hosted?

  • This is very fair. Paris deserves to host it exactly 100 years after it last did. No reason for LA to pull off the Atlanta bad blood by usurping another candidate.

  • I wonder if this will help Ballmer justify building the new clippers arena. I mean, it’s gonna happen regardless, but adding the olympics to a list of reasons probably helps.

  • Finally, two countries that can afford to host and not just abandon the city afterwards.

  • I wonder who will be our president then……..

  • We can’t afford it but Chicago would have made an amazing Olympic venue.

  • Los Angeles is spending a fortune building new public transportation. Too bad the high speed rail network won’t be finished then.

    I wonder if this will jumpstart more public spending on the rail and light rail network. 11 years is a long time to beef it up.

    (edited the years)

  • Need to leave your horse now if you want to make it work on time

  • This is a good excuse for LA to build up better public transportation. It’s time for them to get on par with New York, Chicago, DC and all the other big cities that have competent transit networks

  • Dear Elon,

    please build one of those Hyperloop thingies between Germany and LA untill 2028!

  • 2028 should be the first Olympics that take place after I’m settled into my dream career. Should be exciting to be able to go!

  • I’m actually really excited for this. I wasn’t old enough to go to the last Olympics in America, and I love watching every 4 years so I definitely wanna go to LA in 2028.

  • New event: 500m heroin needle hurdle and aggressive bum escape.

  • Well it can’t make the traffic any worse.

  • Finally, no Third World shit holes.

  • So they didn’t have to bid for it? Is every country finally aware how corrupt the IOC is?

  • …we gonna be here for 2028 or

  • so this means I need to stay alive for another 11 years. I can do this!

  • A good book on the financial disaster that is hosting the Olympics: [No Boston Olympics](https://www.amazon.com/No-Boston-Olympics-Cities-Passing/dp/151260058X%5DNo Boston Olympics).

  • Paris getting the 2024 Olympics is baller. Especially for that logo.

  • Paris, huh? All I really know about Paris is that there’s a name given to the physiological response to the crushing disappointment of vacationing there after envisioning the city in an ideal light.

  • LA summer in 2028 does not sound like it will be comfortable

  • Lol LA commuters be like…. [insert appropriate gif]

  • Paris will be nice. LA will become a desolate wasteland full of desperate vloggers. Youtube is gonna suck hard that summer.

  • And LA thought it had bad traffic before, just wait lol

  • Remember that time Boston almost hosted it? Still sad.

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