Liriks opinion on stream sniping

and i am totally with him. i think u should be banned for stream sniping too because everyone who is against it is either to afraid of getting randomly banned like “it was the case” a few days ago or is stream sniping by himself.
it destroys the fun to play and for me as a viewer the fun to watch.

edit: snipers downvoted cause they can’t argue good job ! 🙂

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  • Yeah, I also agree with his opinion, if stream sniping is completely obvious it should be banned. Only problem is some streamers call stream sniping too much even when it’s not the case so hopefully bluehole has a smart system for it.

  • I imagine its a hard job already for support to investigate and deal with legitimate cheating.

    It’s gonna be doubly hard for them to also have to deal with stream sniping given a lot of streamers have cult followers who will instantly report someone for nothing if their fav streamer gets dead.

    Besides streamers have multiple ways to mitigate the risk to their game.

  • so we should make rules and cater to the 0.01% of people who play the game when pubg devs have never come out and said we have 100% ways of detecting stream sniping but instead continue to throw knee jerk reactions banning people and saying dont play the game if you dont want to be banned

  • Omg so im listening with headphones while on a bike trail walking and his donation sound goes, “Where my money bitch”? IT WAS SO LOUD I THOUGHT I WAS BEING MUGGED! I jumped backwards and freaked out lol.

  • I don’t know why this subreddit doesn’t realize it’s cheating. Nobody is forcing anyone to open a browser and hunt down a streamer.

  • So you believe it is fine that innocent players can get banned just because a salty streamer cries like they always do?

  • If I’m streaming my live poker game, then it’s my fault when my opponents know what’s on my hand.
    If I’m playing Warcraft III and tell my opponent what I’m doing, then I can’t be surprised when he counters me.
    Why is PUBG any different?

  • Why the fuck should you get banned?

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