• Wow. I didn’t even know a film was in the works. I heard mixed things about the book but am a big enough fan of Detail that I’m cautiously optimistic about this.

  • Really can’t wait for this, a trio of actors I wouldn’t have necessarily expected to see act together, and I’m really loving Carrell’s turn to drama.

  • Linklater is one of my favorites. Can’t wait

  • People who are more familiar with studio tactics could you help my put together what this means? Does that mean they have confidence in the film and want to put it in a more competetive season or are they dumping it before the Christmas releases are out?

  • An Oscar push perhaps? Linklater is one of my favourite directors, so I’m looking forward to this regardless.

  • Understandable they wanted to move it away from Justice League, but now this, Suburbicon, and The Killing of a Sacred Deer are all the same weekend. Looks like I might have to do an opening night triple feature

  • That was filmed in Pittsburgh last year and I wondered when it was coming out.

  • I hate the fact that it’s a sequel to “the last detail”. Just say it’s a spin-off or that it was inspired by it or maybe even in the same cinematic universe.

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