Lights Out

Lights Out

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  • Reminds me of the witch from left 4 dead

  • Dat gap tho

  • Everyone looks better with the lights off.


  • Go home Eugenia Cooney, you’re drunk.

  • Lindsay Lohan lookin toight

  • Looks like my ex

  • This would count as Thinspiration on Tumblr.

  • Get this outta my damn feed scaring me like this at 8 in the morning is goddamn mean

  • Seen scarier broads in North Philly…

  • Who let Kellyanne out of her cage?

  • Eugina cooney is that you?

  • Someone get her a sandwich. Poor thing. Lol

  • Always so scared it’s gonna be a gif… I can only look at 1/3 of the image at a time so I’m only 1/3 as scared if it does move unexpectedly.

  • With the lights out, It’s less dangerous.


    -What I yell into a dark room ever since I saw that movie

  • That movie was gr8

  • Someone give this bitch a cheeseburger

  • Fuckable

  • [I’m very much reminded by this memorable video.](

    I can’t watch this video without feeling a profound sadness for this girl. Obviously the video has been floating around for so long (well over a decade) because she creeps people out, but you just know that’s been her entire life. You know that just trying to get by being a regular, happy, acknowledged human being has been almost impossible for her. And her trying to make a short video of her *just dancing* became a horrifying joke for the world. It hurts me inside, it really does, because I believe this is a person equally deserving of love as anyone else. I can only take peace in telling myself it could be fake, which I honestly don’t believe at all, or that she has found her way to live a fulfilling life.

  • This movie has, maybe, one of the best first half in horror film, and then they fucked it up and make it so typical and lazy.

  • That movie had the potential to be great but fell apart in the third act.

  • Camel toe spotted.

  • Oh shit it’s Eugenia Cooney

  • Ohh thats my fetish anorexic to the point of death and dead. Gonna get me some tonight as long as she doesn’t run away.

  • Mom, is that you?

  • Sometimes I get worried that the picture is secretly a gif

  • “Got some change?”

  • When you lose you anorexic girlfriend in the dingy motel corridor

  • Why is this scary I would beat that skinny girl silly

  • I asked my wife what she would do if she saw this walking towards her. She said “Throw it a cheeseburger” lmao

  • “Damn, you’re ugly”

  • Besides the 馃憖 this is pretty freaky

  • She had curves in the movie. They made her thin now

  • All I need is a good defense cos I’m feeling like a cri-mi-nal

  • This is how I feel looking for the bathroom when I wake up at 3 in the morning very hungover

  • That thigh gap tho… gimme dem digits girl.

  • r/datgap

  • sort of reminds me of the demons from from tales from the crypt demon night.

  • Goddammit…

    Fine. [unzips]

  • Goddammit that was one bad movie. This picture is way more scarier.

  • Paris Hilton?

  • Such a good movie, I really enjoyed it! And for some reason I’m really proud ’cause he’s a swede.
    The big sister has a poster which says sl盲ck or sl盲ckt which means lights out in Swedish and it made me so excited XD

  • I love me some thigh gaps

  • You’re that small and scrawny and you think you’re going to take me on? I’m gonna have fun with this!

  • I feel like if I hit that thing with a haymaker it’ll collapse like a science class skeleton.

  • Just bodyslam her already.

  • Hanger, maybe? I just can’t get passed how severely anorexic she is. Someone get her to a hospital ASAP!

  • That movie had such potential but they fucked up somewhere in the middle…

  • Meh removes all fear when the body looks super weak and delicate. Just kick it over. Super anorexic women just are not scary.

  • Break the femur, walk away.

  • r/DatGap

  • Yo she bad fam 馃憚馃敟馃檹馃憛馃槑馃槱馃憦馃槵馃槫

  • Get Sarah a sandwich please

  • Shit you not but this how skinny that YouTube girl is.. if you are offended you obviously know who I’m talking about so stfu.

  • Why does my girlfriend always get posted /creepy

  • That skinny little thing couldn’t hurt you. If You sneezed she’d fall down.

  • This would be so much cooler if you made it a gif of her suddenly charging the camera. But hide the gif icon that normally shows in the corner.

  • oooooo…is she single?

  • That movie sucked.

  • *sigh*


  • There you are girlfriend!! Come give me a hug.. You’ll be the death of me, always running off into dark corridors.. But one thing… I don’t remember you having green eyes?

  • I could run through that scrawny bitch like a freight train… id be back in the light in seconds.

  • Lights out, lights out in London

  • “She need some milk!”

  • I honestly feel I would like it more without the eyes shining through like holes. There’s enough conveyed fear through just the body’s silhouette where I feel the eyes just draw attention away from it. Unless you were going for like two bullet holes through the head in which case it kinda makes sence. Otherwise I really love this

  • congrats, first actually creepy post in a long while!

  • If only it knew what it was stuck in there with, it’d be running the other way. … nice thigh gap
    ( 汀掳 蜏蕱 汀掳)

  • She needs some milk.

  • Just saw this yesterday lol, pretty entertaining

  • Hey that looks like a Titan from Attack On Titan

    Only less terrifying and doesn’t give me nightmares.

  • She needs a chiropractor.

  • So this started out as a concept short film that was adapted into a full length movie that went nowhere.

    I loved the idea but the execution was just meeeehhh

  • Didn’t know Kate Moss’ eyes lit up…

  • Nothing tastes as good as creepy feels

  • Fookin lazer soights

  • skinny ass anorexic ass goblin gonna get broKE off if he try me

  • Reminds me of RE7

  • I litteraly JUST put this movie on. Maybe I should pay attention

  • Eddie?

  • Scrolling past this shit made me jump a little.

  • Glad to see Eugenia Cooney taking up modeling.

  • Pull up V.A.T.S and just light that left leg up.

  • It’s like that scene from irreversible.

  • looks like an anorexic crack head.

  • Ewww…Eugene Cooney…

  • Reminds me of that goth girl on YouTube.

  • Yes! Some well done horror, I don’t know what that light is behind her but I’m getting to it. Sure it’s scary but at least it looks punchable!

  • Is that Eugenia of YouTube?

  • mmm dat thigh gap!

  • Jesus christ wtf?!

  • A friend comes to greet you!

  • Just wants some change or a cigarette

  • Give that girl a sandwich

  • One of the few genuinely creepy things on here.

  • Those invisible things in DS3

  • That bitch needs a cheeseburger.

  • Demon knight?

  • Becky let me smash

  • Looks like a meth head creeping down their hallway at 3:00 in the morning.

  • Nice thigh gap

  • Ymir?

  • 9/10 would smash

  • And her trying to escape when another light shone on her, she was headshot tho.

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