Kumail Nanjiani Standup Monologue – SNL

Kumail Nanjiani Standup Monologue – SNL

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  • Has anyone noticed this weird thing where, whenever SNL gets a comedian to host instead of a random celebrity with no comedy experience, the show is funnier? I can’t explain it.

  • > Islam is the one true religion, and women shouldn’t drive.

    – Kumail Nanjiani

  • “An informed racist is a better racist!”. I couldn’t agree with him more lol

  • For those that haven’t seen it, his movie The Big Sick is charming as fuck.

    It has Holly Hunter, Zoe Kazan, Ray Romano, and Bo Burnham.

  • We need more monologues that dont devolve into song or all the cast running on stage for a bit.

  • One of the best SNL monologues.

  • This is phenomenal.

  • He’s awesome in Portlandia

  • That was pretty good!

  • Huh, I like this guy and everything but I really didn’t think he was enough of a big deal to host SNL. Good for him.

  • man this guy is blowing up

  • He’s really pushing out that “confidence cream.”

  • Wasn’t Kumail mistaken for an illegal Mexican in Silicon Valley…or was such an accusation levied by the confused Erlich Bachman?

  • He mugs for the camera a bit too much for my tastes, the monologue and the game show skit just felt too forced IMO.

  • Really thick eyebrows.

  • That wasn’t really funny at all.

  • that was a great monologue.
    And also, doesn’t he seem a little small time to be the host?

  • *Raises hand*

    I’m not the only one who thinks that looks like John C. Reilly in the background, am I?

    Wait, *is it* John C. Reilly?

  • [removed]

  • Anyone else found that insufferably lame? Why do all ethnic comedians derive their comedy from their origin? He’s such a hack.

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