Kids these days!

Kids these days!

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  • Wtf why haven’t I been invited to a sex barbecue

    I could go for plowing attractive people and eating ribs

  • PMC after SBBQ!

  • I just really want to emphasize that this explanation of abbreviations *uses an abbreviation in its explanation of PSMD.*

  • i don’t know what it is but I want somE SBBQ

  • This is very bad for susceptible adults, suggesting this as a reality to the generations of today.

  • Found this on my son’s phone, “LGHSADDAAGHMICT”, I’m assuming it means “let’s go have sex and do drugs and also get high, murder is cool too.”

  • SBBQ and OMFGB this weeknd at my place


  • So weird, that came up in my Facebook feed today as a memory from 6 years ago, so I reposted it.

  • I got to be honest, I’m saving this for reference.

  • Im soo out of touch..


  • I was totally PMC but suddenly MHIO, what do I do now!?

  • Damn, this is unrealistically extreme.
    They must have thought teens weed into some kinky shit.


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