Kaepernick Chooses the People over Profit, Systematically Excluded from NFL

Kaepernick Chooses the People over Profit, Systematically Excluded from NFL

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  • I think football fans generally skew conservative and the average fan probably wants to get away from politics and enjoy something that’s divisive but not in an ideological way. His politics were definitely not popular with even the most hardcore football fans in an era where political identity supersedes team loyalty.

  • Maybe the headache of dealing with his opinions doesn’t offset what he brings to the team? If he won every game and drew in huge, ticket/merchandise buying crowds, regardless of the sport, I’m sure there’s a team out there that would sign The Devil to their roster.

  • Well this sums up what you’re about to read
    “Danny Haiphong (author) is an activist and radical journalist in the Boston Area.”

  • To say that his situation is 100% about performance or 100% about the off the field stuff is ignorant. In any situation, if you’re a player who brings a media circus with him when you get signed, you have to be worth it. We saw the same thing with Johnny Football, the circus he brought wasn’t worth what he could do on the field. I believe the same is true with Kap.

  • “Billions are made off of the labor of the athletes.”

    The poor athletes and their huge paychecks.

  • He chose his own beliefs over a career. He didnt choose people as most dont agree with him otherwise he would have a job.

    It also has nothing to do with him being shit for the last 4 years without a coach who plans every play kaepernick will run.

  • so much cringe in this article..

    >The NFL, like all sports leagues in the US, is an association controlled by corporate owners of individual teams and their sponsors. Billions are made off of the labor of the athletes. Political activity is seen as a liability, if not a complete distraction from the endeavors of the profit-seeking interests in charge of the league.

    well… yeah. it’s a multi-billion dollar industry – why would they want to rock the boat by having someone who won’t respect their country on the team?

    >The slave owners have indeed muted the slaves. Most prominent athletes are far too concerned about their careers to emulate Kaepernick. Their function as bulwarks of success in a society that violently exploits the vast majority of Black Americans in the US has left Kaepernick with few friends inside of the sports industry. His very presence is a threat to the illusion of Black advancement in a thoroughly racist society.

    this guy is insane.

  • from the bay area… I would not support any professional team that hires this guy. He is a cancer, no team will win with him. Its a team sport man… get over yourself.
    btw, stop hitting on other players wives

  • That is a conversation for you two. And you two alone.

  • He had the 6th best TD/Int ratio in the NFL in the 2016 season. It can’t be said that this is entirely based on his performance like people are trying to say.

    With the number of rapists, murderers, and wife beater that are signed by some of these teams that are “too good” for Colin Kaepernick, it’s absolutely disgusting.

  • Those poor oppressed black millionaires. It’s shocking.

  • This is either a confused young man being manipulated by his inner circle, or he’s someone who tried to cash in on a social media fad and it backfired.

    He spoke up in SF because it helped his career, and when it was time for a new contract, he stopped.

  • What’s Kaepernick like in real life? Does he give his time to charities or otherwise give back? Reason I ask is he comes off as so narcissistic I am hoping I am wrong.

  • ITT: Colin Kaepernick brings out all the stupid in people

  • It should be based on merit and not on his stupid antics.

  • And just how many millions does he have already??

  • Maybe he should have realized he is an entertainer, nothing more. Then he ceased to entertain his audience…..

  • [removed]

  • Racism is alive and well in America

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