• 22 but still have this strange desire to shit in my cats litter box just for the experience

  • I actually did do this as a kid, I don’t know what possessed me to do it, but I shit in my cat’s litterbox. Except nobody freaked out, they just went to me and said “Why the fuck did you shit in the cat’s litterbox, are you a fucking animal?” and then my dad beat my ass.

  • I actually pissed in my cat’s litter box when I was 14. It was pretty strange.

  • [This is an old George Clooney story](https://youtu.be/HLwxKmor-xo)

  • She had Feline Human Immunodeficiency Virus? Man she was way ahead of times. We have FIV but Feline HIV doesn’t even exist yet.

  • When I was 13 I opened the door and the cat ran past me so quick that it was hit by a car. Rip Frankie

  • So someone took a shit in a litterbox, and a cat was saved. Wild-ish at best, D.W.

  • I peed in a litter box of my friends cat when I was mad at my friend for something dumb. Within 10 minutes the cat revenge peed all over my friends bed and had a catty attitude all day. I can only imagine what a poop would do, that cat would be pissed.

  • When I was younger I took a dump in my backyard and blamed it on the dog because I didn’t want to get in trouble. I can’t say this story is too far fetched. Kids do dumb things haha

  • Where are people sharing this kind of shit? Social media where their friends and family are reading it?

  • About 15 years ago I had a friend over at my apartment for the first time and he asked to use the bathroom. I jokingly replied that there was a litter box in the kitchen closet, we both laughed and he left the room. He came back a few minutes later and sat down on the couch while I drank my beer. When it was time for me to grab another beer, probably 10-15 minutes later I walked into the kitchen and it smelled overwhelmingly like shit. I yelled at the cat and then heard my buddy laughing in the living room. At this point I’m looking at the biggest god damn turd I’ve ever seen in the litter box, seriously, that shit was impressive. Dude was at least nice enough to come scoop it into the toilet though. We still laugh about it to this day.

  • My sister in law seriously did this when she was like 13 because she hated her dad’s new girlfriend.

    So she took a shit in the litter box.

    When the new girlfriend got home she was like “OmG!!!!! Something is wrong with kibbles, we need to take her to the vet!”

    And they did. And kibbles was fine and we laugh our asses off to this day. But you really need to know the lady she pranked to fully understand how funny it was.

  • Catbert Shitstein

    Shitbert Catstein

    Shitcat Bertstein

  • The setup of this story is hilarious, poor grandma sitting observing this giant deuce steaming away in the litter tray

  • I peed in the litter box once while drunk. Never do that. There is way more pee in you than there is in a cat. It will basically turn the whole thing into low tide.

  • What the fuck is up with Reddit today Jesus 😂

  • My cousin was rather large when we were teenagers and took a dump in their cat litterbox. His mom freaked out at first then realized who had done it and threatened to kick him out.

  • I peed in a litter box at an old practice space for months due to the landlord’s aversion to working, indoor plumbing. Would do it again 10/10.

  • But they wouldve tested the shit lol

  • Dammit cat ate the HIV bannana

  • Okay then…

  • I’ve known people who have done this. It’s believable.

  • I feel like this could happen

  • One of my friends hit a coworker with his car and cracked her pelvis… she went to the hospital and they discovered she had early stages of rabies. So he saved her life.
    We had a 5k fundraiser for her… it was a whole big thing…

  • I’d believe the kid took a shit in a litter box but not the rest. What adult wouldn’t realize what a human shit looks like? If someone did that in my mom’s cat’s box I wouldn’t think “Wow, he took a big dump, I wonder what’s wrong” I’d think “What freaking psycho shit in his litter box?”

  • Not many people can start a sentence, “I took a shit in my grandma’s cat’s litter box.”

  • Out of everything I’ve ever read on this sub, this is the one I would like to have happened most.

  • Hey I took a crap out of my bedroom window for no reason when I was that age. Shit happens

  • Really crappy day for the cat

  • George clooney had a story on howard stern about pooping in his friends cats litterbox.

  • I mean, I actually took a shit in my cat’s litter box when I was ten to freak my mom out, and it worked until I couldn’t resist laughing. That was the end of it, though.

  • The joke was on the prankster because he or she has HIV.

  • Big, if true.

  • this story was bullshit from start to finish

  • Can confirm. I was the litterbox. It was not a pleasant day.

  • 13 year old george clooney

  • “And my whole family was wilding out trying to figure out why the cat took such a big dump”

  • I actually did this once at a crowded party in the ’80s.

  • Damn it. She must have got a batch of those government infected Walmart aids bananas.

  • Some days I wonder if I’m too weird. Some days I wonder if maybe my fetishes are too out there. But then there are days like today when I go on reddit and realize that the majority of people are weird as fuck and want to shit in their cats litter box, and I realize I’m pretty fucking normal

  • I predict “shitting in grandma’s litter box” will eclipse “screwing the pooch” as the hot new phrase by the end of the decade.

  • I’m surprised they didn’t know their cat had aids. It’s only speed through sex or getting scratched. Both of which they should look out for.

  • story so wild

  • Feline AIDS is on the rise

  • Hey for the first part I am not sure it’s fake, when I was a kid I did pee in my cat litter. Terrible mistake as I discovered that my cat urinal system had a way smaller capacity than mine….

  • George Clooney took a shit in Richard Kind’s cat litter box.

    So I mean, it *does* happen is all I’m sayin.

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