• Matt Berry is a national treasure.

  • Ray fucking purchase!

  • Yes, I can hear you Clem Fandango!

  • I love that zoom-in on the ‘well, well, well.’

  • Makes me wanna rewatch darkplace and toast

  • I want to legally change my name to Jemima Gina.

  • > gay porn

    > (EXPLICIT)

    _You don’t say._

  • I’m so glad this is finally on nextflix I’ve been waiting for it. Trying to catch it on YouTube was annoying.

  • THERE ARE NO WORDS!! And yes we cann ALL hear you CLEM FANDANGO

  • Clem Fandango is going to be a regular in the new Star Trek and they didn’t make him the comms officer

  • This show is so great. There’s a moment in Series 2 where Toast is played by a different actor and I don’t know why or who it is. It’s a scene of him and Jane and it cuts from Jane to Toast, it’s not Matt Berry for two seconds and then it is again. It’s the weirdest thing.

    • It’s kind of driving me crazy. He was also the second Steven Toast when Jane was hallucinating on acid. I thought it looked like someone familiar and I thought maybe it was Bill Bailey but now I figure it’s not Bill Bailey. Whoever he is.

  • Is that the Aussie comedian back right?

  • I find it weird that Berry’s ok to see the show just go – it’s unlikely that there will be a season 4.

  • *Why are you dressed like the man from Del Mont***é***?*

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