Just arced into the shop

Just arced into the shop

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  • Is normal to ground battery in such way. Is make your car powerful like lightening.

  • That’s actually a pretty great photo.

  • I remember once popping the hood on my old Taurus at night to see if the spark plug wires were in decent shape. They looked fine visually, but I figured I would confirm. Oh my goodness, it was like watching the sky during a lightning storm. 6/6 were fucked.

  • Good ole Subaru.

  • Get the apprentice to stick his finger in it

  • Damn that’s a good one. Is the spark wire just empty inside or what.

  • I had a ’94 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme about 20 years ago. I’d replaced the plugs and wires as part of routine maintenance, but it felt like the car had a miss and I suspected that I had a plug wire that wasn’t seated correctly.

    Thus, with the car running, I proceeded to push down on each of the boots on the coil packs. Hey, guess what? One of them was loose! Turns out that about 100kV will really let you know when you find the one that’s not insulating correctly.

  • Think I saw that in The Wraith once.

  • Lick it, bro

  • I swear that is a PT Cruiser, Neon or some other 2.0 Dodge, Chrysler POS.

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