Josh entering the Big Brother house.

Josh entering the Big Brother house.

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  • This is almost too perfect

  • Credit goes to tumblr user paolashea for this.

  • Oh my *god* this is my favorite thing ever.

  • Why is this so perfect.

  • You won r/BigBrother

  • On my god!

  • Thank you for this. Actually laughed out loud

  • Quality post.

  • lol I haven’t stopped laughing from cody’s “I just dont like you” and now this…. lololololooooooool

  • If this doesn’t become one of the most upvoted things ever on this subreddit, then what even is the point of having a subreddit

  • /r/retiredjpeg

    heres the /r/retiredgif version

  • He’s acting like Josh from the episode of Drake and Josh were Drake and Josh accidently “kill” Megan’s pet hamster and are paranoid waiting for her to get them back.

  • This is amazing lol

  • haha nice

  • unrelated but seeing child actors from shows you watched as a child is jarring, they seemed older

  • Am I wrong in that Matt looks a little like Josh Peck

  • I am dead.

  • I’d totally gild you for this if I could.


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