Join us on July 12th for the Internet-Wide Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality

Right now, the FCC is planning to dismantle Title II net neutrality protections that prevent companies like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T from controlling what Internet users can see by throttling, blocking, and censoring sites and apps, or charging special fees that get passed along to consumers. Big Cable companies are pouring a ton of money into lobbying, misleading ads, and astroturf campaigns in an attempt to confuse the public. If they succeed, the Internet will never be the same.

[We’re joining an Internet-wide day of action (like the SOPA Blackout and the Internet Slowdown) on July 12th to help save net neutrality.](

Regardless of your political beliefs, this issue affects all redditors. Online communities like ours wouldn’t exist without the principles of net neutrality that foster creativity and innovation on the web. We’ve worked together to defend the Internet before, now we need to do it again.

**Let’s have a conversation about how we as redditors can organize together for July 12th to make sure that decision-makers in Washington, DC listen to real Internet users, not just telecom lobbyists.**

Reddit itself has agreed to participate in the day of action along with popular sites like Amazon, Etsy, Kickstarter, Vimeo, GitHub, and Mozilla. Dozens of other subreddits have already jointed too. This is going to be big.

But there’s so much we can do together, from flooding the FCC and Congress with comments and phone calls to organizing in-person meetings with our lawmakers. Learn more about the day of action at and let’s discuss in the comments!

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  • Thank you OP! I am so passionate about this, and am doing everything I can to combat this BS. I am going to cancel AT&T as my cell provider.

  • How can people outside of the US like me participate?

  • This is creepy. 7 hours old no comments?

  • Curious after watching silicon valley. about the creation of a “New” internet. Not sure what it entails or the non-fictional truth behind it. but it makes me think that if this net neutrality bill passes, after a lil time and a lotta work and couldn’t we just adopt a new way to connect peer to peer without a corporate/government middle man? What is the dark web? What are the implications of this bill on it? Excuse my lack of edu-ma-cation in general for me not smart, just seems like there must be more directions the people could take to be free of government control…. ELI5 pls.

  • But i am paying attention… here from canada.

  • Plot twist: What if the FCC is behind this

  • Where’s google? Why isn’t google partaking?

  • Ml therehyvhuhweeeesesew

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