Joan Collins says the cut-off age for women in Hollywood is 27. That’s the current age of Jennifer Lawrence, Emma...

Joan Collins said this here: (in the ending of the video) Is this true or is she exaggerating? She seems to be talking about Old Hollywood, but as many of the actresses I named seem to be slowly fading away, I feel like she does have a point.

When is the last time you’ve heard about Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightley or Megan Fox? I feel like it’s some kind of an unwritten rule for women in Hollywood. Do you guys have any thoughts on this?

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  • Dame Judi Dench is still going quite strong in my book, I look forward to all her movies

  • lol Anne Hathaway has like six movies in development.

  • Um, Scarlett Johansson?

  • The three women you mention all took time off to have children and the two talented actresses are back now. Thats not unrelated.

  • Anne Hathaway was most recently in Colossal plus I believe is in Oceans 8 which is out next year.

  • It’s the cut off age for pretty women who can’t act but get roles for the sex appeal.

    This doesn’t apply to women who age well or can actually act.

  • Jennifer Lawrence isn’t going away (she’s just chosen some mediocre movies recently). Emma Watson was the star of the highest-grossing movie this year. Kristen Stewart only was famous because of a single series and did little to stay relevant after that series finished. Anne Hathaway was just the lead in Colossal and she won an Oscar for Les Miserables when she was 30. Keira Knightley was nominated for an Oscar just 3 years ago. Megan Fox was only famous because of a bad movie franchise that she’s no longer in. Yes, women tend to get fewer roles as they get older, but those are all terrible examples.

  • I believe it does to some degree, but it’s not an absolute. Some actresses have bucked the trend.

  • Everyone responding with 1 example is missing the point, those are the exceptions, but its still happening on a bigger level

  • The last time i heard about keira Knightly and Anne Hathaway was yesterday. Megan Fox 7 years ago because Megan is a horrid actress.

  • Depends on the person, really. The actresses you mention in the subject are all clearly very hard workers and love doing it, they don’t generally attach themselves to particular studios or long contracts (as of now anyway) and are therefore more free to be choosy with their roles and who they work with. Stewart in particular is going to have a long career because she is a) enormously talented and b) very strong in her decisions on roles and what she wants to do.

    To be fair also, Hathaway won an Oscar only 5 years ago, and Knightley was nominated 3 years ago so they are still doing consistent work. Hollywood is certainly unfair to women, but so many women today simply won’t let it end their careers so young which is very, very good.

  • Yup. Not a “hard” cutoff, though. It’s just the point where casting offers start to taper off.

  • Emma Watson stared in one of the highest grossing movies of the year, she ain’t going anywhere anytime soon

  • Actors are primarily cast on the basis of looks. How you look determines what kinds of roles you receive and how likely you are to receive them. While this is somewhat crassly described as male producers casting “women they’d like to fuck”, the same is true in reverse – men have a bit more flexibility in their looks, but the lead actor in a major film will almost invariably be a man a lot of women could see themselves taking to bed.

    However, even though you might not consciously realize it, the same person who looked like a really pretty young girl at 20 probably won’t look like a beautiful woman at 35. The kind of person you cast to play the sultry seductress in a film noir, the kind of person you cast to play the mother of 3 and the kind of person you cast to play the peppy cheerleader are all three different kinds of people.

    What happens with a lot of young actresses is that they get the ‘peppy cheerleaders’ roles – and then promptly age out of them in their mid-to-late 20s because they never really develop an ‘adult’ look.

    Women also have problem with maintaining a career long-term. The age cutoff used to be 40, but cosmetics and plastic surgery are pushing that more towards 45 or so. But if you’re a 50-year-old woman, you’re probably not described as ‘sexy’ – you’re described as ‘sexy for your age’.

    In contrast, people like Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and George Clooney are all still considered ‘sexy’ by a lot of people. So while they’re not going to get roles in the latest teen sex comedy, they’re still being cast as leading men.

    Consider Meryl Streep. She’s lauded as one of the all-time greatest actresses. When she was younger, she was considered incredibly attractive – if you’ve seen her in films like the Deer Hunter or Out of Africa, you can tell she was definitely a ‘sex symbol’ in her day (even if her career trajectory wasn’t based on that premise).

    But she really hasn’t had the leading role in a major film for two decades or so. She’s definitely kept working, but she’s either playing supporting roles or working in relatively low budget festival-circuit type films. It’s not that she got ugly – it’s that she aged out from ‘sexy’ to ‘sexy-for-her-age’.

  • Women get more roles than men early in their career while men get more roles later

  • Not sure if you should use megastars in huge movies as examples. Of course they’re gonna get work. They’re smart enough to branch out from their original claims to success. It may be true for the majority of actresses that you hardly know.

  • There’s a really fascinating podcast(?) series on Audible called The Butterfly Effect that is about the effect of the internet on the porn industry. One of the fascinating things I learned was that one of the effects was that success on porn sites is highly dependent on SEO (search engine optimization). For a video to get views it needs to have a category that people can search for.

    One of the bits of fallout from this is that there has become a “dead zone” for porn actresses of certain age. When they get too old for teen porn, but are not yet old enough for milf porn. These actresses just suddenly stop getting hired while they’re in those in-between years.

  • Jennifer Lawrence is fading away?? Huh?

  • It’s looking like true.

  • That’s an absolutely absurd claim. I could go on forever about the amount of successful actresses who’ve still managed to grab meaty or big roles long past 27.

  • That’s the age when talent and work ethic starts to matter more than looks and willingness to blow the right people.

    So yes, it is a cutoff age. It’s the age when the real acting career starts.

  • The next time you try to make an argument trying to prove that Hollywood is sexist, don’t include a woman that called the movies that made her career crap.

  • Meryl Streep is way pass the age of 27 and she is still getting roles and her performances are always great or good in my opinion.

  • Uh no, this is fucking dumb. 27 might be the cut off age for teenage roles but that kind of makes sense…..

  • Though there will always be exceptions, I think it’s safe to say if a woman has not made it big before 30 in Hollywood, it ain’t gonna happen, and even 25 is pushing it.

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