Jessica Graf with NFL Player, Posts Photo of Super Bowl ring Between her Breasts (2015)

The actual ring & breasts photo doesn’t seem to be in the article, which is okay, because I don’t know how to do a NSFW notice, and the pic is very easily Google-able anyway. She looks a little different than she does now (in the photo of her beside Edelman). She’s short, but the prettiest (imo) of all the girls in the group shot (some of them look kinda busted)


Model posts photo of Julian Edelman’s Super Bowl ring between her breasts


edit: sigh, sorry, long-time lurker, but never posted a main discussion before, so I don’t know why the link isn’t showing. Just Google “jessica graf julian edelman” (Google even finishes typing it in for you, which I’m guessing means it was a popular search, lol). I meant to link the above article, but Google shows a ton more from other publishers too

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  • …ok…

  • Edelman’s got a pretty well-known history of getting around.

  • She’s Patriots fan, makes all kind of sense now. That or she jumps on bandwagons.

  • impressive out of a group of gold diggers she still manages to be the biggest hoe

  • We know she’s an escort. You didn’t even post the photo and that site is cancer on my phone.

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