Jenna and John on Jim and Pam

Jenna and John on Jim and Pam

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  • This is like when they were leaving each other the same voicemail without knowing it :’)

  • “Your Pam… is the best Pam… of all the Pams”

  • That dudes married to Emily Blunt irl. Crazy.

  • They go together like PB&J….Pam Beasley…. and Jim! :O

  • I’m sure the casting agents saw the chemistry between John and Jenna and that was one of the contributing factors that got them the parts.

  • Anyone know who the other potential Pams were?

  • It goes without saying that the Pammest Pam would have the Jimmest Jim.

  • I think they should just leave their SOs and marry each other… and I’ll take Emily Blunt.

  • How did they not end up together?? I’m so mad.

  • The best Jim and Pam moment was when Pam’s dad left her mom because of what Jim told him and it ended up being the best thing ever.

  • If they didn’t hook up at least once I will be very upset

  • I always get sad to think they aren’t together in real life. It’s my favorite love story

  • They are so made for each other.

  • My pregnant wife lost her shit after reading this

  • She’ll have to just settle on Asian Jim

  • They would’ve made such cute babies too, goddamnit.

  • This is how you know you have a great casting director.

  • Can anyone provide a link to either interview?

  • How did these two not fall in love w each other in real life?

  • Damn those two for not marrying in real life. John’s killing it but Jenna’s on her second marriage and kept the prop engagement ring from the show. Speaks volumes.

  • F E E L S

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