Jay-Z reaction to Chesters talent

Jay-Z reaction to Chesters talent

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  • I never was a huge fan of Linkin Park. But I did see one of their shows…

    They put on one hell of a show! REALLY interactive and high-energy.

    RIP Chester Bennington

  • Please, source?

  • Has Jay said anything about his death yet? I know he keeps a pretty bizarre twitter…

  • Thanks for everything, Chester. RIP

  • Fuck, my preteen years were all about Linkin Park X DBZ.

    Rest in peace Chester

  • This makes me like Jay-Z

  • Serious question, do they know yet why he killed himself?

  • I’m not even a LP fan but this is awesome. Respect.

  • One of my favorite albums!

  • Enjoy the front page. Well deserved

  • 99 muppets but Kermit ain’t one.

  • Screaming is a talent now? Fucking creep

  • Rip Chester. One of my favorite bands.

  • he thinks chester is ok ?

  • He did not look impressed.

  • He didn’t look impressed at all

  • I didn’t know Lil Dicky played bass for linkin park

  • I don’t know who Chesters Talent is.

  • This guy

  • He was thinking, that’s what real music is

  • I feel sorry for the guy, for his band, and for his family, but Linkin Parks sucks and has always sucked. Calling his mall-goth screeching “talent” is pretty generous.

  • Chester left ’em hangin’

  • I didn’t like Jigga to begin with because of the beef with Nas and his recycling of lyrics, but this album was the nail in his coffin.

  • Jay z, the most overrated rapper of all time. Hip hop Kids of today have got no taste.

  • chesler bellington was a grate man but he ate too much drugs and now he iz dead.

  • All aboard the front page express!

  • Is this cultural appropriation? /tumblr

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