Japan wants to put a man on the moon

Japan wants to put a man on the moon

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  • This is how you get China on the moon within the decade …

  • Maybe SoftBank can send women and Pepper sperm freezers to Mars in about 300 years.

    I’m only partly joking about the lack of urgency here in Japan.

  • A lot of people wanting to do that lately. We should set up some sort of a collaborative car pool thing or something. Meet up at the space station, have some kinda picnic thing. Make a long weekend of it.

  • That’s convenient because I can think of one man that most of the world like to put on the moon at the minute.

  • Everybody wants to put a man on the Moon. But historically speaking, a lot of space stuff tends to never get done. As usual, I’ll believe it when I see it and no sooner.

  • They can probably beat China by sending roaches to Mars first.

  • Japan’s debt to GDP ratio is about 250%.. they surely have a good plan to justify this expenditure:
    1. Spend lots of money
    2. Put a man on the moon
    3. ????
    4. Profit

  • I see Japan wants to put a man on the moon, but do they also want to bring him back or just leave him there?

  • The US went to the Moon regular in the middle of the last century in a time we called the Space Age. Americans were so arrogant they took electric cars and drove around like literal lunatics looking for space stuff work bringing back. Rocks were all they found, and common ones at that. The view was nice, the accommodations were limited and radiation levels higher than we are accustomed to here on Earth. Like visiting North Korea, the Moon’s not worth the effort, expense or risk of brain fry.

  • How about a woman on the moon? Colonization is way more efficient if we send women and sperm freezers.

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