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  • Gerard Butlers

    Gerard Butlers, though!

  • Jamie had a great hour long interview with Joe Rogan. I never thought Foxx was that deep of a thinker, he’s an amazing guy, talented and charming. Oh and his celebrity impressions are hysterical!

  • I’m a lead farmer mother fucker.

  • That RDJ impersonation was hilarious

  • My old boss shot this. Shot the whole thing for about 8 million bucks, I think Jamie mostly funded it with 5 of his own. He wrote, directed and stars in it, I think it’s his first time doing that. (He’s editing it too) I still remember going to his house on election night when they were filming, it was an extras scene with the most hot women Ive ever seen in one place. Ever. I still cry.

  • I read the title like 5 times but I still can’t make sense of it.

  • Foxx killed it on The JRE! I wish it would’ve been like 3 hrs instead of just 1. They barely scraped the surface, but, the topics they did cover were awesome. I can’t wait for this movie. The cast sounds awesome. Foxx/RDJ/BDT/Leonidas playing a bunch of bizarre race swapped characters centering around Steph Curry & LeBron at All Star Weekend? It sounds like a stoner comedy for the ages. I will definitely be keeping tabs.

  • If you watch/listen to the whole episode Jamie Foxx is super funny and does a killer impression of just about everyone he tells a story of.

  • RDJ in a non-MCU film? Feels weird.

  • Del Toro is Puerto Rican.

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