James Corden Apologizes for Harvey Weinstein Jokes

James Corden Apologizes for Harvey Weinstein Jokes

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  • It’s pretty cringe worthy and bad. It does seem to come across as making light of the situation. There’s place for jokes but these did come across badly.

  • Roses tweet was awesome

  • If you’re going to make a Weinstein joke, don’t be so flippant about the abuse and assault suffered by the victims. You would think he’d know better

  • Damn they were harsh on him, calling him “piglet” and “pig”. Now I can’t unsee it

  • Too soon, James. Too soon.

  • Funny how fickle the media is. Rose McGowan is suddenly in charge of the narrative after being ignored for years. What was the catalyst for this reversal of event? I’m sure it would make a good case study, there had been jokes and accusations against Weinstein for decades, and nothing happened. Now all of a sudden it’s not a laughing matter anymore, Rose McGowan has been crowned spokesperson for the victims (I get that she must have felt frustrated but does anyone else feel like she’s a bit unhinged?) and she’s practically untouchable (I’m sure my slight criticism of her is already too much for some people). Is she the most powerful person in Hollywood at the moment? She sure is in charge of the narrative. I don’t know how long it will last or if what will come of it but I find this dramatic change of tide fascinating.

  • Absolutely nothing wrong with jokes on Weinstein. And McGowan calling him names? She can fuck off.

  • I can think of at least 2 late night hosts who told a variation of the potted plant joke and got no flak for it, not sure why corden is cherry picked. Just saying.

  • Why should he apologise at all? It’s making fun of a current event. PC culture is really sickening

  • Nothing wrong with the jokes.

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