Ixonia, Wisconsin

Ixonia, Wisconsin

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  • You might lose a hous, but atleast you got a pretty badass photo.

  • Hope my friends at the Concord Zoo are all ok

  • Is this from the storm yesterday?

  • Middle Earth, Wisconsin

  • “I’m going to take a left turn today.”

  • Who you gonna call?

  • Left. You’re going to want to turn left.

  • beautiful as hell.

  • That’s pretty awesome

  • You shoulda got outta the car for this one, truly amazing.

  • Is that really a tornado, or just an odd cloud formation at a weird angle/perspective?

  • That storm was nuts over in Watertown. Monsoon-like conditions.

  • this was not a tornado was it?

  • So many people out east say they are afraid of the earthquakes on the west, but I’ll take perfect weather every day over this crazy shit even if the earth makes a dance party now and again.

  • Wow. This is an incredible picture!

  • Time to run

  • This is amazing!!!!!!

  • Looks like Thor is kickin ass

  • Was this from yesterday? Got stuck trying to leave Madison, WI because of a tornado warning. Drove for two hours in the storm back to IL, when I got to IL there were police blocking roads off due to downed trees, debris all over the road. That was a storm in a half, the winds were bad enough. The lightning really put on a show as the sun was setting. I hope you were safe and that tornado did not take any lives. Sheesh.

  • Damn nature you scary!

  • Looks like the big mans pissed

  • What a cool name. How do you pronounce that phonetically? EYE-show-nuh?

  • [Here](https://i.redd.it/onrld9gkkn6z.jpg) is a higher quality (though still not great) version of this image. Credit to the photographer, [Joseph Frederickson](https://www.reddit.com/r/NatureIsFuckingLit/comments/6kbiku/photo_by_joseph_frederickson_of_a_tornado_near_my/).

  • Mike Pence unleashing a Sparknado to cure large groups of gays, colorized 2017.

  • Looks like the last sinner in your town has finally been taken care of!

  • God sure seems to hate the Bible belt.

  • I believe you posted this in the wrong place it should be labeled r/tifu

  • Jeez !! No upvotes .. all this ya ya ya he said she said and no one took the time to be nice 🙄

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