ITAP of the Harry Potter train

ITAP of the Harry Potter train

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  • Details: The Jacobite steam train on the Glenfinnan Viaduct in Scotland. Famous for appearing in the Harry a Potter films.

  • Did you use a flying car or a drone to take it?

  • Honestly…I didn’t even know that the train was real. Awesome pic.

  • You’ve got a nice original angle here. Although I like the lighting, I think the picture could be improved using post effects to dim the highlights and boost the overall brightness and contrast.

  • I want to travel there

  • All the Potter nerds are nerd raging right now

    It’s called the Hogwarts Express, you filthy muggle

  • Was this not also in a recent episode of the Crown? I could not tell.

  • Omg I was there on Thursday on my way up to Mallaig! Sorry, this comment offers nothing to the reddit community but what a weird coincidence for me haha! The Grampian mountains have been looking gorgeous since Storm Caroline. Nice pic OP 🙂 you managed to find a much better view of the viaduct that I could!

  • actually it’s the Hogwarts Express


  • Very cool

  • -20 points to Hufflepuff

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