Is Discovery Ushering in a New Golden Age of Star Trek?

Is Discovery Ushering in a New Golden Age of Star Trek?

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  • the number one rule of journalism is when the headline is a question the answer is always no.

  • A little premature. Possibly, but there’s a lot more to choose from on TV these days and people are fickle (and always have been), they have more choice in entertainment.

  • God I hope so.

  • Things don’t look good. The lead is Spock’s human adopted sister? What the fuck are they thinking? Actually I can tell you:

    “Fuck those nerds and their canon, we’ll do whatever we want.”

  • No.

  • I think this article isn’t seeing the reality of the situation. DSC’s chances of being a runaway hit are very slim at this point. I do think though that there will be life for Trek after DSC. I think CBS has to realize by now that they screwed up with DSC when a lot of lifelong fans were on the fence about it right from the beginning. There’s a lot of money to be made from the Trek brand. I believe they will keep working hard to make a show that excited everyone.

  • Has anything ever had two golden ages?
    This kind of marketing upsets me. So lets declare the future before a single episode has aired. This is a question asked afer a few successful episods not befoe thw first is even released.

  • Well it could be so bad, some Trek Alumni decide they’ll make a better Series, just not under the label “Star Trek”. I wonder what might happen then, I bet the Trek Franchise might have to retool there “Discovery” Series and replace it with somebody competent at the helm, somebody who actually knows his Star Trek, like I don’t know? Nicolas Meyer? Perhaps? I’ll guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  • Hah!

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