• I was 16 in 96 and at the time my parents paid extra for MSG on dish network just so I could watch the ASA…I live in a VERY small town in upstate ny. This fresh air kid would come up during the summer who had skated with the senate team. Had pics of him with arlo and Brian bell ,Chris Edwards. I was so hyped I skated for 4 years straight..winter in my basement and summer out on the roads…so miss it! Good pic tho!

  • Damn that would have been fun hitting those hills! My town was more technical small jumps and lots of rails. My father and I built a half pipe and it was badass. I had the best of both worlds. I had gone through some oxygens (can’t remember the model) but my last pair was K2 fatties. I love those so much! I’m a bit jealous that you got to skate around the world! I didnt get out of town much but did get to skate badlands in mid-state Florida. I don’t have my blades anymore though I’d love to get another pair. Shitty thing is my cartilage in my knees are disintegrating and my knees are sore all the time. Really sucks getting old.

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