IOTA blockchain hasnt worked in 2 days yet shitcoin holders are busy crying on this sub for superficial reasons –...

42 Hours and ticking, since the last valid transaction on the IOTA chain :

Yet no mention of this by any of the IOTA shills, Heck most of them arent even aware of it.

Instead they are busy embarrassing themselves miserably and crying all over this sub after hearing the truth about their shitcoin

The only word for this is DELUSIONAL

Imagine if BTC had its network taken down for 2 days there will be mass panic in the markets, yet IOTA shills arent even aware of it.

Whats worse is that you can see on the chain even when it is functional, there are at most 1 or 2 transactions per hour.

Now I don’t know about you guys, but this is what I’d call SCAM coin – where investors are brainwashed into believing in something that simply doesnt exist..

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  • Before you freak out, there is an update/snapshot going on right now and the devs asked everyone running full nodes to shut them down for now until the updates are finished and the new wallet is released.

    Bonus- this post got 30 upvotes within 10 minutes and all the comments speaking against it are heavily downvoted. There is obviously some brigading here. u/ryangoslingbluedream’s comment was upvoted to 5 points within two minutes of it being posted lol

  • Wow that’s actually fucking sad. I would be scared if I invested in Iota. Seriously jokes aside get out… experiment is over.

  • You obviously haven’t been around crypto long enough to remember when BTC almost went completely under, twice. Or when it dropped from $1000 to $200. It’s ok, well forgive your ignorance and idiocy.

  • +100 iota 😘

  • Can we stop this now, it’s getting embarrassing.

  • Also, it’s not a blockchain. Nice research.

  • But do we give a fuck a fuck about you?
    And dumbass..theres ALOT of chatter about it on the slack, telegraph and reddit.

    My question is..why do you give a fuck tho?
    Youre not invested…so roll the fuck on.

  • chain😂

  • No wonder the shills have invaded this sub. Sad!

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