Introducing!! The magic squat.

Introducing!! The magic squat.

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  • Just a matter of time before someone puts a dildo on the top of that thing.

  • Doesn’t this kind of defeat the purpose of doing squats?

  • “Ass Pounder 4000” – Always Sunny

  • The Magic Squat, now bundled with shake weight!

    Sorry, low hanging fruit, but someone had to take it.

  • Y not just do not so magic squats

  • Reminds me of the dildo Drone

  • “here’s a cool down spray”

  • This is how I pumped my bicycle tires, not entirely sure why though.

  • That machine is making my right arm huge.

  • Bottom middle, looks like somebody doing a shitty robot dance.

  • Top left girl is concentrating extra hard

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