Internet Archive blocked after Madras high court order – Livemint

Internet Archive blocked after Madras high court order – Livemint

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  • Lipstick Under My Burkha’s producers fought a battle against censorship. And then they got a court order pre-emptively blocking 2,650 URLs. [[link](]

  • So, it was the bollywood guys responsible for this? What the fuck?

  • Are you fucking kidding me? Its blocked because the retards who make shitty Indian movies can’t tell the difference between pirate site and an archive site? I guess the old internet law about stupidity over malice is being made true. So now it’s the SC job to repeal this. So next year it will be unblocked

  • Bollywood will screw India/Indians in the long run.

  • ^This ^article ^is ^adblocker ^unfriendly, ^following ^is ^the ^text ^of ^the ^article.

    **Internet Archive blocked after Madras high court order**

    This isn’t the first time users in India have been restricted from accessing the Internet Archive. In late 2014, the government blocked access to it.

    Indian Internet service providers (ISPs) blocked access to the popular Internet Archive after a Madras high court order listed it among 2,650 websites, including file-sharing ones, that it wanted blocked, the BBC reported on Wednesday. Mint has not seen a copy of the court orders.

    The BBC said the court had been petitioned by the makers of the movies Lipstick under my Burkha and Jab Harry met Sejal, two recent Bollywood releases, who wanted the court to restrict access to websites that were allegedly hosting pirated copies of the films.

    The fact that the Internet Archive had been blocked first came to light on Tuesday. By Wednesday, speculation was rife that the government had restricted access to it. Interestingly, the most popular aspect of the archive is the Wayback Machine, a utility that allows users to see older versions of the same website. The Wayback Machine is popular with fact checkers and researchers.

    This isn’t the first time users in India have been restricted from accessing the Internet Archive. In late 2014, the government blocked access to it, and several other websites on fears they were hosting anti-India propaganda by the ISIS; access was restored in early 2015.

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    • This pdf doesn’t open. Can i have an access to it from some other source?

  • Each day half chunk of website are blocked. Something needs to be done. Even if there is block , it should be time bound limit atleast.

    These movie production #ickheads are having so much control over the block. Instead of spending time with block , they should instead on invest in some good movie making job.

  • God where to outrage now….

    I was on “lipstick” boat, hating the censor guy and now they go and do this….

  • How can I file a case against Madras HC on charges of stupidity?

  • You can unblock almost every websites banned by DOT by using https instead of http protocol.

    Morons can’t even internet police properly.

  • A minute silence for all those fellows writing essays on how its a conspiracy of BJP on previous submissions.

  • I think the Indian Govt. and Judiciary needs to be educated more on how Internet operates. Without this education, they would keep applying their old mindset to something they don’t understand much.

  • “Sala Hindustan mai jab tak cinema hai, log chutiya bante rahenge”

    – Ramadhir Singh

  • Somebody with a good twitter account should tweet to SRK to stop making crappy movies and to stop banning legitimate sites because he doesn’t understand shit anymore.

    BTW he produced the movie (his wife actually) so he is responsible for this.

    I was a die hard fan of his, but after recent fucks and now this (it affects my work directly) I don’t think I will ever pay to watch any of his movies.

  • A bit of a meta-point: This is one the reason why I avoid this subreddit and prefer more substantial discussions that happen over Hacker News (although, most of them are not India-related). Most of the comments on the earlier report were filled with rants about BJP and Modi; not to forget the imminent threat of “Orwellian Govt” and anarchy. On Hacker News, the first comment was the real reason why it might have been banned.

    I don’t support any party, but these dumb cliched rants on every thread are infuriating. I find it surprising that people on this sub admonish the Indian public for falling for anything, but won’t take a moment to resort to their own theories that have no facts to support them.

  • Lul @ the jittery Indian seculars who ran amok attributing this one to Kallu mama.

  • Wtf Madras HC ?

  • I don’t wanna live in India anymore.

  • I can still access it. I am on Airtel.

  • Curious to find out the judge’s background. I bet you’d be surprised to find out how many judgements are actually unbiased.

  • If they block reddit, I’m gonna riot (inside my home)

  • ID10t court!

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