Instant neckbeard

Instant neckbeard

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  • Its too late mother, I’ve seen everything.

  • “Well, guess we need to clean out the basement for you”

  • They need to put warnings on those things.

  • This is just fat-shaming and masculine-shaming. As someone with an IQ of 127, just hating on someone for being obese and growing a beard is ridiculous. Only those with low IQs (120 or less) think this is funny

  • Friendzoned by your own mom. Brutal.

  • Makes me wonder what came first, the fedora or the neckbeard.

  • While you were all laughing at this, I was learning the blade

  • This is what happens when you don’t fucking listen, Bobby.

  • Don’t know how many times I’ve seen this but I just noticed the subtlety of making him red after he puts on the fedora as a reference to him being “red-pilled”.

  • Man this actually made me kinda sad 🙁

  • I watched the show “White Collar” on tv and thought Neil Caffery was so cool in his suit and hat. My family took a trip to New Orleans and there was a stall at the flea market selling fedoras. I bought one damnit, I bought one! How could I have known?! I WAS ONLY A CHILD!!!

  • Friend zoned by the mom. Damn.

  • Man, I wish fedoras hadn’t been co-opted by shitty people. It’s a nice looking hat.

  • ‘Nineteen letters long’ is nineteen letters long.

  • this is worse than my fear of getting lice from hats in stores

  • Do you enjoy being the subject of ridicule?
    Have you followed the way of the sword since before birth?
    Have you never shaved below your jaw line?
    Does the idea of owning a waifu body pillow sexually excite you?

    Then come on down to Fedoras, Trilbys and more!

    We have fedoras for the discerning gentilesir, trilbys for the waifu for you to find the waifu of your dreams! We even have our impressive and world renown armory hailed as the king of Mallninja!

    And for a limited time only due to our, “How to Talk to Females” class bring such a rousing success we have increased the size of our, “How to Be better than Chad” including classes on disrespecting females, how to be classy and showing her the way of the blade!

    Come one down now because a razor? Who needs one? Fuck you Gillette for not hiring me!

  • Well, time to start studying the blade I guess.

  • Wow first time I’ve seen this comic. I’m surprised it’s never been posted here before. I’ve been here all of three days and never seen something like this

  • Funny thing happened the other day. I went to visit my girlfriend in France the other day and the first thing she did was buy me one of these hats.

    A day later I meet her parents for the first time. They bring me another one of these hats.

    It’s not even a practical joke, she frowns at me anytime I go out without wearing one of them.

    I don’t know what to think anymore.

  • This comic was created for parents that don’t want to admit to raising a shitty child.

  • That’s good. Really good.

  • There is a time and a place for fedoras.

    That’s never and nowhere.

  • M’mother

  • Straight savage mom

  • While you were shopping for useless shorts, I studied the blade.

  • Damnit, Bobby.

  • a “The Fly”-like body horror movie about a Chad being involuntarily turned into a neckbeard would be pretty interesting. Or it could be a wholesome comedy like Tim Allen’s “The Santa Clause”…

  • Trilby.

  • Whilst thou were observing this imagery, I have studied the blade.

  • This makes me sad as a lover of fedoras. It’s a shame they’ve been tainted by the stigma of idiots.

  • I hate how neckbeards have ruined the fedora for everyone.

  • I know I’m not the only one who counted the letters in that websites name

  • Can someone explain the fedora thing? Maybe I just have a different connotation then a lot of redditors, but I don’t get it.

  • Why are people super salty about this post? Did it get on r/all or something?

  • When you see the first neckbeard in real life; “Oh. Hm, they’re real…”

  • My wife was recently in Ireland, and messaged asking if I wanted an Irish cap. While not a trilby, it is still a hat of the sort that can connote neckbeardism if worn unadvisedly. I had to decline.

  • I too, once wore fedoras from time to time… until I realized they stopped being cool.

  • M’om

  • “Nineteen letters long” is actually nineteen letters long. Woa

  • I’m glad I noticed that has 19 letters.

  • It comes with an instant bitter Facebook status update about being a nice guy

  • r/comedycemetery

  • This should go to the comedy graveyard sub. It’s just terrible.

  • Yet another quality post on r/juststrawmanthings

  • Don’t touch it, it’s [evil](!

  • Nineteen letters long… 1… 2.. 3… yep 19 letters.

  • Time to start saving some ladies.

  • *Hides in corner with Panama hat*

  • “maybe we should just be friends.” lol

  • But…M’Lady

  • This is more than nineteen letters long.

  • I’m new to reddit. Had to look up what a neckbeard is.

    I’m shaving first thing tomorrow morning…

  • This is 98% funnier than anything /r/comics has at any given time.

  • True story

  • M’lady *tips fedora*

  • I’m dying!!

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