Insecure: Official Season 2 Trailer

Insecure: Official Season 2 Trailer

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  • Absolutely love this show so much. Really excited to watch it when it comes out again.

  • very excited for this. season one was so good and the music as always is on point

  • So excited! Easily one of my favorite shows right now.

  • Missed this show! So glad it will be back soon.

  • Why are there so many comments that are the same thing slightly reworded?

  • I like it because it shows more of a grungy side of Los Angeles. What up Baldwin Hills!!

  • Black and White Josh are gonna be in this season? I’m in!

  • really fun show

  • Am I the only one that likes the webseries better?

  • I can’t wait! Also, I need to know where her earrings came from. They are gorgeous.

  • Completely well intentioned question: I saw the ads for this last year and she seemed really funny but I skipped it because it seemed like it might be a chick show or like a black show. Should I give this a try?

  • I don’t see the appeal.

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